Blessed Harry Styles Covered Lizzo’s ‘Juice’ To Fulfil Your Final 2019 Fantasy

Perhaps I’m inviting some backlash here, but Harry Styles’ cover of Lizzo‘s Juice serves as proof of the tune’s pop power: only the juiciest renditions of the tune can match the original’s pop power.

Taking to BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge this morning, Styles and his backing band launched into an accurate, if slightly flimsy recreation of the breakout hit.

Again, if you have a problem with my assessment of the cover, perhaps you should direct your anger to whoever mixed the sound. While Styles’ howl at the 1:40 mark is suitably saucy, the whole thing lacks a bit of low-end punch.

Despite whatever issues I may have with the track, Lizzo responded to Styles’ praise with extreme enthusiasm. Well, one word and two emojis worth of enthusiasm, but we take what we can get.

Styles’ cover came alongside his play-through of new single Adore You, off Styles’ sophomore solo album Fine Line.

Maybe it’s the synth swells, maybe it’s the inclusion of some crunchy lead guitar, or perhaps it’s just his familiarity with the material, but that one comes across a bit better.

Then again, what the hell do I know. My own musical tastes lean towards atonal noise and Grown Men Yelling, so maybe Styles nailed Juice and my ears are irreparably broken.