Mark Hamill Just Straight Up Teased A Harry Styles Cameo In ‘The Rise Of Skywalker’

Harry Styles

Mates, it is undoubtedly Star Wars Day today. Hours from now, The Rise of Skywalker will illuminate theatres across Australia, bringing to an end the Skywalker saga… so they say. The Mandalorian will jump its schedule and release its penultimate episode of season 1 tonight instead of Friday. I can think of nothing else, so this yarn is me writing about Mark Hamill… and Harry Styles.

[jwplayer YZBp9XHQ]

Hamill, the one and only, has been keenly tweeting about The Rise of Skywalker‘s premiere over the past month or so. Think final moments, set pictures, spoiler warnings (bless him), and celebrity stormtroopers. Prince WilliamPrince HarryDaniel Craig, and Tom Hardy all appeared as stormtroopers in The Last Jedi. And that’s just the stormtrooper cameos. Carrie Fisher‘s dog Gary appeared as Space Gary in The Last Jedi and it still makes me emotional to this day.

ANYWAY, Hamill kicked off a lot of chatter after he cheekily kicked off a rumour about the next celebrity stormtrooper on Twitter.

“Wonder who’ll be the #SecretStormtrooper in this one?” he tweeted. “Considering they’ve all been UK superstars (2 royals + 2 actors) but still no singer, all the clues point in one direction.”

Okay, either he just gave it away or it’s not Harry Styles. There is no in-between I don’t think. We’ll find out on the blu-ray release, probably.

I don’t know who photoshopped these pictures but if it was Hamill, what a bloody cutie.

If it is Styles, I wouldn’t be mad. I love the bloke, good bloke! And I’m currently nodding my head vigorously to his new album Fine Line. 

FUN FACT: Styles was rumoured to have auditioned for the role of a young Han Solo for Solo: A Star Wars Story. 

Styles neither confirmed nor denied the rumour… but he did smile quite cheekily when asked about it on The Graham Norton Show a while back.