Hardcore Trumpers Aren’t Too Bloody Chuffed About Donald’s Syria Strike

One of the core benefits of a Donald Trump presidency, his hardcore fans used to say, is that he would represent the end of America‘s impulse towards playing the world’s cop. Trump’s message was that America would look after America first – so we wouldn’t see a disastrous boondoggle like the Iraq War again, and the U.S. wouldn’t feel inclined to intervene militarily into the world’s affairs

And – to their very, very minor credit – it was a reasonably compelling argument. Hillary Clinton is a Democratic hawk, and not even her biggest fans would pretend that she wouldn’t throw the weight of the military around for humanitarian interventions. 
Of course, Donald Trump’s beliefs seem to be based entirely on the last conversation he had or the last thing he saw on TV, so anyone who thought he’d be actually principled on his anti-interventionist pitch. Well, yesterday he proved – by launching a shitload of missiles at a Syrian airbase believed to have been the source of a horrific chemical attack.
And the Trump maniacs who had based a solid chunk of their support on his so-called ‘anti-war’ bonafides were quick to shoot back. First there was Infowars correspondent-at-large / weird whiny YouTube personality Paul Joseph Watson:

Watson was a little spooked by the press coverage of this tweet, so he quickly backpedalled in a later one:

Independent journalist and icon of the so-called ‘manosphere’ Mike Cernovich flagged that an attack on Syria would be a complete betrayal of why people voted for Trump. Which is kinda bullshit, because the majority of the Republican base probably didn’t vote on that basis.

Ditto some of his other online sycophants, who I suppose at least had the cojones to admit their dude got this one mighty, mighty wrong.

The most rabid supporters – found in the r/The_Donald subreddit, are more reserved – though there was a great deal of unease about the move. Their current angle, according to one of the top posts in the past week, is that the gas attack was just a false flag to manipulate Trump into war. Nice!
Of course, it leaves to be seen how deep this Syria rabbithole is gonna go, and what Trump will do next. Then we’ll see.
Source: Twitter.
Photo: Getty Images.