Guy LiveTweets First Acid Trip

What does the world look like to a person on acid? For anyone with a curious but staunchly look-but-don’t-touch attitude to the hallucinogen, here is the best breakdown of the experience since Roger Sterling went on a vivid adventure into drug-fueled enlightenment on the last season of Mad Men.

A Canadian guy named Brad or Twitter handle @hella_brad decided to live tweet his first experience taking acid, providing a charming and entertaining blow-by-blow account of his journey (both metaphysical and literal), as he encounters weightlessness, Synesthesia and the hilariousness of wedding limousines.

Here is the beginning:

An excerpt from the middle:

The end:

Read the full transcript of tweets at Storify. And please remember: drugs are illegal. Drugs can have extremely harmful results to the user as well as others around them, and public ingestion of them can result in far less serene outcomes than Brad’s. Don’t take drugs. Never break the law. Stay in school. Be good to your mother.

Thanks to Barry P for the tip.