WATCH: Hamish & Andy Blow ‘X Factor’ Judge Away With Guy Sebastian Prank

Look, we’ve just got ourselves the second best Hamish & Andy prank in recent months. After the infamous Best Bloke In Australia gag, they’ve followed up with an admirable reverse prank effort on X Factor judge Jason Dundas.

Basically, they challenged Dundas to call Guy Sebastian and confide that he thinks he has a mutual crush on fellow judge Iggy Azalea. “I’ve got something kind of random to ask you,” he asks Guy.
“I felt like, and you could just say this is totally whack, but I felt like there was a bit of a vibe with me and Iggy. I think she likes me and I kinda like her. So I’m not sure whether it’s my place to ask her on a date but I actually really like her.”
Little does he know, but Sebastian is in on the gag:
This one is worth it for the utter shock on Dundas face when he realises Guy might be confiding something super, super confidential, gossipy and personal on radio.
It’s only when Andy intervenes that Dundas realises he’s been taken for a bit of a ride, and asks whether Guy is in on this scheme. It looks like Hamish & Andy’s pranks are so ubiquitously known now that there’s no choice but to pull multi-layered reverse pranks to score points on unsuspecting punters.
Source: Hamish & Andy.