In what is possibly the most Grimes thing that you’ll read, the Canadian artist has released new music that is NOT ~official Grimes music~ but instead a demo from a project called Dark, for an AR musical that she’s currently working on.

I mean, honestly what is going to be more Grimes than whatever the fuck an ‘AR musical’ is?

Ok full disclosure: I fucking LOVE Grimes. She’s weird and unapologetic about it and I love it so much. Ok, carrying on.

Classified as the genre of “sad fairy songs” which is…pretty bloody accurate, actually, ‘Pretty Dark‘ is a really solid and reasonably polished track for what Grimes considers a demo.

Since the release of her last album Art Angels back in m2015, Grimes has dropped a single ~official~ track, ‘We Appreciate Power‘ earlier this year, and has been working on collaborations with other artists like Janelle Monae on ‘PYNK‘, unnervingly-strange artist Poppy, and Mindless Self Indulgence‘s Jimmy Urine.

The video accompanying ‘Pretty Dark‘ is self-filmed, and features herself singing along to the demo with AR filters on her face, created by Montreal-based 3D artist, FVCKRENDER – which are also unlockable on Instagram story filters if you follow him.

Check out the video below and please, if you know what an AR musical is/would look like from the mind of a sad fairy, I implore you to tell me.

If nothing else, it slaps pretty hard. More, please.

Image: Getty Images / Emma McIntyre