Grimes Sends Transmission From Alternate Dimension Where “AR Musicals” Exist

In what is possibly the most Grimes thing that you’ll read, the Canadian artist has released new music that is NOT ~official Grimes music~ but instead a demo from a project called Dark, for an AR musical that she’s currently working on.

[jwplayer ogf981l4]

I mean, honestly what is going to be more Grimes than whatever the fuck an ‘AR musical’ is?

Ok full disclosure: I fucking LOVE Grimes. She’s weird and unapologetic about it and I love it so much. Ok, carrying on.

Classified as the genre of “sad fairy songs” which is…pretty bloody accurate, actually, ‘Pretty Dark‘ is a really solid and reasonably polished track for what Grimes considers a demo.

Since the release of her last album Art Angels back in m2015, Grimes has dropped a single ~official~ track, ‘We Appreciate Power‘ earlier this year, and has been working on collaborations with other artists like Janelle Monae on ‘PYNK‘, unnervingly-strange artist Poppy, and Mindless Self Indulgence‘s Jimmy Urine.

The video accompanying ‘Pretty Dark‘ is self-filmed, and features herself singing along to the demo with AR filters on her face, created by Montreal-based 3D artist, FVCKRENDER – which are also unlockable on Instagram story filters if you follow him.

Check out the video below and please, if you know what an AR musical is/would look like from the mind of a sad fairy, I implore you to tell me.

If nothing else, it slaps pretty hard. More, please.