Barely a week after releasing the demo for ‘Pretty Dark‘ as part of a side project/AI musical that she’s working on, ethereal space faery Grimes has dropped details for her highly-anticipated fifth album.

The Canadian producer and singer posted on her Instagram today about her incoming fifth long-play transmission, which is called Miss_Anthropocene and Grimes describes is as “a concept album about the anthropomorphic goddess of climate change.

I mean, yeah. Sure. Sounds entirely like a Grimes record so far.

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New Album: Grimes – Miss_Anthrop0cene 1.  mis·an·thrope noun:  a person who dislikes humankind and avoids human society. 2.  Anthropocene:  The Anthropocene is a proposed epoch dating from the commencement of significant human impact on the Earth’s Geology and ecosystems including, but not limited to, anthropogenic climate change. ———————————— Just fount out my first interview in a few years is coming out tomorrow. I thought the writer was quite smart so hopefully it’s accurate haha. But just in case (cuz I’ve had some p fucked press drama this year) I’m announcing album here first: ———————————-????????It’s called Miss_Anthropocene. It’s a concept album about the anthropomorphic Goddess of climate Change: A psychedelic, space-dwelling demon/ beauty-Queen who relishes the end of the world. She’s composed of Ivory and Oil (I’ve done some illustrations of her if you scroll down my instagram). ———————————-????????‍♀️ I love Godly personifications of abstract/ horrific concepts (For example, Mars as the Roman God of War) — so I wanted to update the list to include our modern issues. ———————————-???????? Each song will be a different embodiment of human extinction as depicted through a Pop star Demonology. The first song ‘we appreciate power’, introduced the pro-AI-propaganda girl group who embody our potential enslavement/destruction at the hands of Artificial General intelligence. ———————————-???????? It’s possible I will drop an EP or a few more singles of synth-based stuff b4 the album because its mostly ethereal nu metal (ish), and I know a lot of ppl miss the synths and whatnot. ———————————- ????????Climate change is something I’m only ever confronted with in a sad/ guilty way…. Reading news and what not… so my goal is to make climate change fun (lol..??)…. uhhh… (I mean, everybody loves a good villain… re: the joker, Queen Beryl).. so maybe it’ll be a bit easier to look at if it can exist as a character and not just abstract doom. ———————————-☢️☣️ More musique soon! <3

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So from what I can gather here, the lead single ‘We Appreciate Power‘ with HANA was the introduction of a girl group who endorse pro-AI propaganda, commenting on humankind’s “potential enslavement/destruction at the hands of Artificial General intelligence” and suddenly I am understanding how Grimes and Elon Musk dated until recently. Still a fuckin’ bop though.

Grimes has also noted that Miss_Anthropocene will likely be “ethereal nu-metal” which is a strain of that early 00s metal genre that I don’t think even Fred Durst saw coming.

Though the mashing together of metal and delicate fairies could almost be classified as “sugary industrial pop” or something of that ilk, and I’m immensely here for it. If Grimes produces the soundtrack to the robot takeover, I would be the first on the conveyor belt that I assume would whisk me away to the void.

Though she hasn’t given us any indication of when the album is going to load up onto our devices and we’ll be able to plug our earholes into it, she’s said that she’ll probably release more singles and maybe an EP while she works away on the album.

She’s been working on digital art as well and previously shared a couple of imaginations of what Miss Anthropocene looks like, a “psychedelic, space-dwelling demon/ beauty-Queen who relishes the end of the world.

I’d put a bet on that these are the drawings that she’s is talking about here.

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Miss Anthropocene

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Please await further transmissions from the Grimes Universe.

Image: Getty Images / Emma McIntyre