Greta Thunberg Calmly Being Carried Away By Riot Cops Is The Energy We’re Taking Into 2023

Greta Thunberg is carried away by police at a protest in germany

Greta Thunberg, the shining light in an otherwise dark world, has been arrested by German police after protesting a coal mine extension. The best part? Photographers were on the scene to capture the activist’s cheeky grin before being carried away by riot police.

Thunberg and her activist homies were parked near the German town of Luetzerath when the arrest occurred.

The so-called Garzweiler 2 mine located eight kilometres from the town was one of multiple protest sites where extensions are planned.

“Greta Thunberg was part of a group of activists who rushed towards the ledge,” a spokesperson for the local police said per the ABC.

“However, she was then stopped and carried by us with this group out of the immediate danger area to establish their identity.”

The authorities also mentioned that one protester had literally jumped into the mine. Per The Guardian, it’s unclear if any injuries were sustained.

Aside from the selfless protesting, the highlight of the day was certainly the image of our hero delivering a mile-wide grin to camera crews stationed nearby.

Despite the chaos and danger of the situation, Thunberg’s facial expression is calm as fuck.

One week she’s dragging Andrew Tate on Twitter, the next week she’s being dragged away by authorities. Both in style.

Honestly, queen behaviour. Her chillness in the heat of battle never ceases to amaze me.

Before getting carried away by the boys in blue, Thunberg addressed the crowd of 6000 activists with a few words of inspiration.

“Germany is one of the biggest polluters in the world and needs to be held accountable,” the 20-year-old said before labelling the mine’s expansion as a “betrayal of present and future generations”.

The German government has stated it needs to expand the mine due to energy shortages caused by the Russia/Ukraine war per the BBC.