The Brother Of The Journo Who Died At The World Cup Has Walked Back Claims Of ‘Foul Play’

journalist grant wahl has died during the fifa world cup
Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

More information has emerged after one of America’s most well-known soccer journalists, Grant Wahl, died while covering the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. While his brother, Eric Wahl, initially alleged foul play in the wake of the news, he has since backflipped on these claims with a string of updates posted to Twitter.

As per, Eric said that 49-year-old Grant had a “death rattle cough” from his bronchitis before he collapsed while watching the Argentina vs Netherlands match.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, he received medical assistance during extra time before nearby reporters were told he’d been pronounced dead. Just last week, Grant stated on his Substack that he attended a medical clinic while at the World Cup after feeling his “upper chest take on a new level of pressure and discomfort”.

Throughout the tournament, Grant had been a vocal critic of Qatar’s treatment of LGBT people as well as its treatment of the migrant workers who helped build the World Cup stadiums. He was also detained for 25 minutes after he refused to remove his rainbow pride shirt for the USA Vs Wales match.

After the news of Grant’s death was made public on Saturday morning, his brother, Eric, published an emotional video alleging foul play. “I am gay, I am the reason he wore the rainbow shirt to the World Cup,” he said in the video. “My brother was healthy, he told me he received death threats.”

“I do not believe my brother just died. I believe he was killed, and I just beg for any help.”

However, on Tuesday Eric backtracked on his claims of foul play. “The family will release a statement as to cause of death soon. I no longer suspect foul play,” the tweet read.

Eric ruled out pulmonary embolism in the same post, after tweeting the day prior that the condition was a possibility. In another tweet, Eric corrected his claims that there was no portable defibrillator in the stadium. It is not known why a defibrillator was not used on Grant.

Grant’s body was brought to New York City on Monday, December 12, for an autopsy and medical examination.