FBI Investigating Just How FIFA Awarded The 2022 World Cup To Qatar

When FIFA awarded Russia the World Cup in 2018, questions of bribery were raised. When they awarded Qatar the world cup in 2022, the soccer / football-loving world flipped the fucking tables at just how the stinking hot yet stinking rich country could have ~possibly~ won the bid.

As John Oliver put it:

“There are now allegations that some FIFA executives took bribes to put the World Cup in Qatar. And I hope that’s true. Because otherwise it makes literally no sense.”

You know, what with temperatures that reach fifty degrees, because apparently the beautiful game needed the extra of suspense of will it / won’t the ball melt.

So here’s some news for any Aussie who’s still pissed we didn’t win the 2022 bid: the FBI is now investigating just how the bleeding hell FIFA awarded hosting rights to both Russia and Qatar.

We’re not saying giant wads of cash are behind it, but…

The news comes from a U.S. law enforcement official, speaking to Reuters under condition of anonymity.

It also comes just hours after former top FIFA official Chuck Blazer admitted he and others agreed to accept bribes in conjunction with awarding South Africa the 2010 World Cup, and days after longtime president Sepp Blatter ‘unexpectedly’ resigned

For their part, Russia and Qatar have pulled a classic case of denying any wrongdoing. Naturally. 

Look, there’s no word yet on what will happen if the bids are found to have been awarded in return for bribes. And we came dead last in the 2022 bid:

Image from Wikipedia

But. BUT. You never know. Australia could pull a sneaky like this:

and be back in the running for 2022.

Image: Greg Wood via Getty Images

Via Reuters / BBC