Game Of Two Halves: ‘Played’ Divides Twitter Over Failed World Cup Bid

Lowy FC v FIFA United
Ref: L. Sales
In the beautiful game, tactics apply just as much off the field.

That’s what Frank Lowy discovered after Australia’s $45M World Cup 2022 bid accrued exactly one vote. In case you missed it, Qatar won the thing. A country that gets so hot, the stadiums will have to be air conditioned. A country so vile to migrant workers, it beggars belief. A country that doesn’t really have that much grass anyway – a necessity for, you know, playing football. 

Played, the ABC documentary following the process of the spectacularly failed bid, dug into the muck of FIFA tonight – but users on social media aren’t so sure Sepp Blatter and his cronies were the only ones playing the game.

The doco alleges that the tax-payer funded bid was squandered in absolutely insane fashion by the crooked workings of the football world, and that billionaire Lowy – who masterminded the thing – was given the runaround the whole time. 
Boy howdy, did the football-loving internet have something to say about that.

17′ FOUL – F. LOWY

While stacks of users slammed Lowy for his supposed nepotism, naivete and garden-variety ineptitude in the bidding process, many were quick to praise the guy for giving the impossible dream of holding a World Cup in Australia a red-hot crack. 

So, who won the thing? Lowy, with his apparently good-natured but ill-informed bid, or FIFA, with their supposedly clean hands?

The answer, as it is so often in football, is neither.

Australia still lost out on a load of cash, and the chance to host the greatest sporting event in the world. FIFA, in all likelihood, is going to have a shocker in 2022. All we have to show for it a cracking documentary. 
And this bloody video.

Story via ABC.
Image: Paulo Bruno via Getty.