Google Put A Calorie Tracker In Maps & The Internet Had None Of It Thanks

Google Maps. Where would we be without you?

You do so much for my friends and I.

I tap you lightly and you respond by showing me how to get from A to B. You redirect me away from blood-boiling traffic jams. You’ve quelled all my childhood anxieties about needing to learn the Melways.

But today, you did something not so great.

i’m not angry, just disappointed 

This morning (or around 7pm Monday night, American time) Google Maps tested out a new feature on a select number of users’ iPhones.

The feature was a calorie-counter, which showed users how many calories they’d burn if they walked from their current point to their desired destination.

“That isn’t that bad,” I hear you say. And sure. The message Google are clearly trying to convey here is that walking somewhere is healthier than driving there. Duh.

But here’s the kicker: the feature also showed users how many “mini cupcakes” the calories they burned walking would equate to.

Seriously? We already have enough messages telling us we need to atone for eating fuckin food. We just want directions, not a dietitian.

Naturally, it sent Twitter into a storm, with, mainly women (who, let’s be honest, this feature is geared towards) taking issue with the feature:

Yep, you couldn’t even turn the damn thing off.

If you’re still reading this story and thinking “it’s not bad shut up you dumb baby” here are the facts: at any given time, almost 1 million Aussies are suffering from an eating disorder.

If you haven’t dealt with one personally, you mightn’t be aware that even the most minute reference to calories can set off someone battling or recovering from disordered eating.

Thankfully, following the backlash, Google confirmed to Buzzfeed that they’re culling the feature altogether.

Good. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a mini cupcake to finish.