The Golden Raspberry Awards Recognise ‘Cats’ For Its God-Awful Contribution To Film

cats golden raspberry

It may have been snubbed at the Oscars and the Golden Globes, but Cats has received a whopping eight nominations for the Golden Raspberry Awards, so who’s the real winner here?

Despite its all-star cast including Taylor Swift, James Corden, Idris Elba and Judi Dench, the movie rendition of Cats was a total flop, and the annual Golden Raspberries have honoured it for the pure shit that it is.

The Golden Raspberry Awards are in their 40th year of celebrating the film industry’s worst moments, and this year they’re really loving to hate Cats.

The humorous awards show announced its nominations yesterday in a hilarious Family Feud-style YouTube video.

Cats has received a tonne of media attention ever since it made its box office debut, but not for the reasons they had hoped. Between god-awful reviews and the whole Jason Derulo penis saga, it’s been hard to forget that this film exists, no matter how hard you’ve tried.

Cats wasn’t the only film to receive multiple nominations, with Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral and Rambo: Last Blood also raking in nominations.

The awards really showcase all of those frankly terrible movies throughout the year that we’ve all tried hard to forget, like that god-awful Hilary Duff performance in The Haunting of Sharon Tate (you know, the other film about her death that wasn’t quite as graceful as Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood).

Nothing makes you question your taste in film quite like finding out that you didn’t hate some of the movies that are in the running for a Golden Raspberry. I mean, was The Hustle really *that* bad?

Golden Raspberry Award nominations:

Worst picture: Cats, The Fanatic, The Haunting of Sharon Tate, A Madea Family Funeral and Rambo: Last Blood.

Worst actor: James Franco, David Harbour, Matthew McConaughey, Sylvester Stallone and John Travolta.

Worst actress: Hilary Duff, Anne Hathaway, Francesca Hayward, Tyler Perry and Rebel Wilson

Worst supporting actress: Jessica Chastain, Cassi Davis, Judi Dench, Venessa Pineda and Rebel Wilson

Worst supporting actor: James Corden, Tyler Perry, Seth Rogen and Bruce Willis

Worst screen combo: Any Two Half-Feline/Half-Human Hairballs, (Cats), Jason Derulo and His CGI-Neutered Bulge, (Cats), Tyler Perry and Tyler Perry, (A Madea Family Funeral) Sylvester Stallone and His Impotent Rage, (Rambo: Last Blood) and John Travolta and Any Screenplay He Accepts

Worst Director: Fred Durst, James Franco, Adrian Grunberg, Tom Hooper and Neil Marshall

Worst Screenplay: Cats, The Haunting of Sharon Tate, Hellboy, A Madea Family Funeral and Rambo: Last Blood.

Worst Remake, Rip-Off or Sequel: Dark Phoenix, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Hellboy, A Madea Family Funeral and Rambo: Last Blood.

Worst Reckless Disregard For Human Life and Public Property: Dragged Across Concrete, The Haunting of Sharon Tate, Hellboy, Joker and Rambo: Last Blood.

Razzie Redeemer Award: Eddie Murphy, Keanu Reeves, Adam Sandler, Jennifer Lopez and Will Smith