Giphy Releases Free App That Lets You Immortalise Your Life In GIFs

‘Round these parts, it’s far from secret knowledge that we’re partial to a good Graphics Interchange Format. 

Like the German language—boasting words that have no accurate translations (ie. Die Schnapsidee, a specifically genius idea or plan hatched while boozed to the high heavens)—so too do GIFs and reaction GIFs possess qualities that only GIFs or reaction GIFs can communicate. 




.GIF powerhouse Giphy has today marked what could be the end of days for the internet by releasing what some are calling the “Instagram of GIFs”: GIPHY CAM allows you to “record your life as a series of GIFs“, add kitsch filters, and share your looped memories on social media or via text. 

According to Giphy’s Julie Logan, the dawn of GIPHY CAM was merely natural progression for the company: “The next natural step was focusing on creation. Now that people can find great gifs, we want them to be able to create their own moments and share those, too,” Logan told TechCrunch.

Earlier this year, GIPHY’s Chief Operating Officer Adam Leibsohn presented an  i c o n i c  argument for why GIFs are the “words of the future“, in argument that is as thrilling as it is terrifying.

Iphone users can download GIPHY Cam on the app store here.

via TechCrunch.