The 25 Most Used Gifs Of 2016 Are A Window Into Our Fractured Souls

As the way we communicate continues to evolve and expand, with various technological advances allowing us to traverse time and space itself, it’s becoming more and more likely that ultimately, in the near future, the human race will share information exclusively via looping silent videos, aka gifs.

The unavoidable gif singularity may be somewhat off, but at least for now, as leaders in the dissemination of advanced memery and gifoloy, we must turn our eyes to the past 12 months of gif-use, and pass a scientific eye over the data at hand.
Unfortunately none of us here know how to work a spreadsheet, so thankfully the brains trust over at Giphy have released this list of the most used gifs of 2016
Covering the usual internet fare of cats, Minions, cats, pandas and small furry feline creatures, there’s also a noticeable motif of gifs that involve crying, drinking heavily and general despair, which… yep. Sounds like 2016.
Cop the full list of 25 below, with our favs embedded.

1. Illustrated Obama Mic Drop 

4. Unamused Old Lady
6. Broad City
10. Deal With it Cat 
14. Sup Seal 
19. Rad Dogman 
21. Pandas 
22. B—h Better Have My Money

25. The Simpsons MWAH

You said it Carl. MWAH.

Images: Giphy.