Gina Rinehart To Sue After Miniseries Gets Her Mum’s Hair Colour Wrong

Billionaire and generally strange person Gina Rinehart apparently intends to sue Channel 9 and production company Cordell Jigsaw over the TV mini-series, ‘House of Hancock’.

She’s already previously cracked the shits over it, but this latest development is a step onto the express train into Crazytown. The reasoning behind her intent to sue to litigate are really important. Not crazy or superfluous at all. Nope. 
Some of the ‘factually incorrect’ things Rinehart will argue include:
  • Her weight.
  • Whether her father cheated at tennis.
  • The colour of her mother’s hair.
So, as you can see, things that are very crucial to the truth of the story. How could we believe any of the Hancock/Lacson/Rinehart feud, if we know that her mum’s hair wasn’t actually chestnut red IRL? 
That being said, we’re not particularly condoning the production ourselves. It made us dry retch a bit, in all honesty. But that was probably because Gina herself took a huge amount of control before the show went to air, editing out particular scenes she didn’t like, such as:
  • A closing scene in which present-day Hancock “lumbers slowly across the red dirt of the Pilbara” as explosions tear up the landscape behind her.
  • A scene in which Rinehart “berates” her daughter after catching her in bed reading a magazine featuring a scandalous headline.
  • A storyline involving a sexual harassment complaint brought against Rinehart by a former live-in security guard in the late 1990s.
Lawyers for Ch 9 and Cordell Jigsaw said they’re considering applying to have the case struck out because of ‘the nature and type of’ (READ: the fucking ridiculousness) issues she wants to litigate over.
If the case proceeds, Rinehart will likely be cross-examined in the witness box.
Dearie, dearie, dearie me. 
Source: The Age.
Photo: Matt King / Getty.