It’s not going to give you a headache to process the information that Gina Rinehart, an insanely wealthy person who once bemoaned the fact that Australians will not work for $2 per day unlike impoverished African workers, has some very big issues with how the Government does those extremely annoying things like “protecting workers” and “regulating fair wages” or “minimises death on the job through safety standards.”

Rinehart, who fell into her riches thanks to the passing of her father in 1992, is now having a conniption over the hugely controversial Adani coalmine, warning our Government that global Governments and business leaders now view Australia as quote “a joke.”

Speaking to The Australian, Rinehart lambasts the Government for their inability to cut “red tape,” and stated she now sees Australia as a “high-taxing, high-cost” country, and that the Government “keep messing up.”

She seemed utterly at sea as to why certain communities would ever view the use of coal and gas as “dirty” power methods…

“However, it is not just the politicians. Some of our communities see coal and gas as dirty words and then wonder why power costs are rising and wonder why investment goes overseas.”

…before, and this is the real kicker, suggesting Australia should follow in the footsteps of Donald Trump and “make Australia great” again.

“Obama used to say ‘yes we can’ but unfortunately he didn’t. Donald is most certainly a doer. In the future you’ll be able to reflect on this president as ‘yes he did.'”

“When Donald says he is going to cut red tape and lower taxes and make America great again, he does it. Australia should adopt this.”

Shocked she didn’t outright refer to him as a “winner” and all others “losers” to be perfectly honest.

Rinehart expressed concern over politicians playing short-term populist routes that increase red-tape and dissuade international companies from investing in industries like… oh, I don’t know… mining.

“Perhaps it is mainly driven by power seeking, or a simple lack of knowledge of its impacts on business and jobs from governments that are becoming increasingly out of touch in our country.”

“Unfortunately, most politicians are too busy playing populist short-term politics, making things difficult for businesses with increasing red tape … forgetting that it is businesses who create Australian jobs and provide the revenue for our defence, police, hospitals, elderly and roads and more, and are critical to enabling our very living standards.”

‘Course it’d also be extremely low-cost, low-regulation operations that’d allow Rinehart to increase her generated personal revenue of approximately $1million every half hour as well.

But, naturally, that’s neither here nor there.

Source: The Australian.

Photo: Matt King/Getty.