Gerry Harvey, Or The Demon Possessing Him, Reckons Raising Prices Will Beat Inflation

Harvey Norman co-founder and JobKeeper sucking scoundrel Gerry Harvey has left whatever hole in the ground he resides in to publicly declare that he thinks businesses are not only justified in increasing prices during the cost of living crisis, but should do it even more. When we begin eating the rich, we’re starting with Gerry.

This public announcement was made DESPITE the fact that the Reserve Bank Of Australia actually warned against businesses passing on cost increases to maintain profit margins, as it could actually make inflation even worse.

But that’s not gonna stop ole’ Gerry from tryna make a buck now is it?

“The big problem you’ve got for business going forward in the next 12 months is that I think you’re possibly going to see more bankruptcies than you’ve seen for a very long time,” Gerry said in an interview with ABC’s The Business.

“It’s pretty tight out there for a lot of businesses now,” stated Gerry, whose vocabulary probably permanently replaced the word “people” with “businesses” over 100 years ago.

“If they don’t put up their prices, they don’t survive,” he warned, while accompanied by a symphony of the world’s smallest violins.

But his streak of absolutely woeful ‘Humanity-Left-The-Building-A-Long-Time-Ago’ takes didn’t end there.

Remember earlier this year when Tim Gurner — the “millenials can’t afford houses because they spend too much on avocado toast” guy — said that unemployment needed to rise, and then got torn a new arsehole for it?

Well Gerry took a page right from Gurner’s book and repeated that out-of-touch sentiment.

“The good part about that, if there is a good part to it, is that it does bring inflation down and creates unemployment and all those sorts of things, which is possibly what’s going to happen,” hypothesised Gerry.

Just conducted a little fact check anddddd yep: PEDESTRIAN.TV can confirm that Gerry Harvey was born a human being, despite all current evidence indicating otherwise.

Gerry also took a moment on The Business to highlight his distrust of governments getting involved with the economy.

“A politician might do something a little bit differently. You can’t trust them because they want to stay in government above all other things,” he mused.

Which is an incredibly insightful take — for a 14-year-old.

These dead shit billionaires like Gerry Harvey and Clive Palmer absolutely infuriate me with a holy anger when they complain about government.

How dare they be the ones who claim millions – sometimes BILLIONS! — in government hand outs like Gerry did with JobKeeper, and then complain.

Funny how this backward argument that “you can’t trust politicians” is typically said first by someone with a lot of money and a lot of power, who then says they’ll fix the problem by joining politics. Looking at you Clive and Donald Trump.

At best, it’s just textbook projecting of an internalised untrustworthiness. At worst, it is intentionally trying to manipulate the masses into a political feud in order to distract from their own sins.

Billionaires do not deserve to exist. That is it. End of article. Congratulations Gerry Harvey for winning a lifetime achievement award in the Hall Of Fuckheads.