German Tourist Survives Being Lost In The Outback For Ten Days By Eating Flies

A German national, Daniel Dudzisz, who had gone missing for almost three weeks in the Queensland outback has been picked up by a passing motorist near Cooper Creek at Windorah. Mr Dudzisz, 26, was attempting a walk from Windorah to Jundah (approx. 85km) but became stranded when floodwater from the Barcoo river rose unexpectedly.

Of his survival Inspector Mark Henderson told ABC Radio: “He certainly was hungry, but other than that he was in reasonable spirits. He joked about never going hungry in the Australian outback because of the amount of flies you can eat for their protein apparently. He had some baked beans and cereal when he left Windorah and exhausted that pretty quickly, and said he’d been eating flies ever since. His apparent ability to survive with limited food is quite unique and he is a very tough man.”

*Noted culinary adventurer, Daniel Dudzisz.

Despite any hilarity some legends people may derive from the story, Inspector Henderson managed to keep it real: “We certainly wish him well, but we don’t intend to make him some national hero. He’s not a popular person out this way now due to refusing to take the advice of the farmers that have encountered him.”

Not bovered.

Mr Dudzisz intends to finish the walk but now knows to stick to main roads, travel only in daylight, to pack non-perishable food items and that flies are suitable for consumption.

via Brisbane Times
Image via Adobe Photoshop