German Authorities Hunting New Truck Attack Suspect After ID Found At Scene

German authorities are on the hunt for a new suspect in the Berlin truck attack after finding identifying documents in the cabin of the truck, local media are reporting.
This follows the capture and release of a 23-year-old Pakistani asylum seeker known only as “Naved B“, who police no longer to believe to be a suspect in the case after failing to find any forensic evidence linking him to the truck.
Der Spiegel‘ is reporting that the man is Tunisian and from Tatouine (which, incidentally, happens to be where the shots in ‘Star Wars‘ that take place on Tatooine were filmed), although they have not cited their sources for this claim.
Authorities have warned that the attacker is likely armed, as the body of the Polish national found in the cabin of the truck appeared to have numerous stab and gunshot wounds, but no gun was found.
The newspaper ‘Bild‘ quoted an investigator that claimed Lukasz Urban, 37, was alive up until close to the crash, before being shot by the attacker.
ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack which claimed 12 lives but is yet to show evidence of their involvement.
As always, these are early days and it’s healthy to be sceptical about any details reported that are yet to be confirmed by official sources.
Source: BBC.
Photo: Getty Images / Sean Gallup.