23 Y.O. Pakistan Native Named As Alleged Culprit Of Berlin Truck Attack

German media is reporting that a 23-year-old named “Naved B” has been arrested as a suspect following an attack in Berlin that saw 12 people killed, after a truck was driven into crowded Christmas markets near the city’s centre.

Police confirmed this morning that a suspect had been arrested near the site of the crash but was not named at the time – from ‘The Guardian‘:
“We’ve had a description of the driver, who was on the run at first. Because of this description, one suspect could be arrested. We are now investigating whether the arrested person is actually the driver of the truck. The suspect was arrested nearby, a few hundred metres away from the scene of the attack.”
According to ‘The Independent‘, citing German radio station RBB-Inforadio, the attacker is a Pakistani refugee who entered Germany on December 31s 2015, and had been living in Flughafen Tempelhof, a disused airport converted into a refugee centre.
He is believed to have already been known as a petty criminal, but not under suspicion of any suspected terrorist activity.
He was allegedly arrested around 2km from where the attack took place, and local media is reporting that German special forces later raided a hangar at Flughafen Tempelhof, questioning four men but making no arrests.
At this stage, no official sources have corroborated any of this information, but have confirmed they are interrogating the man who was driving the truck.
It is believed the truck was stolen from a work site two hours north in Poland, and authorities have confirmed that the body of the passenger found in the truck is that of a Polish national.
Photo: Getty Images / Sean Gallup.