George Pell Is Expected To Be Charged With Serious Sex Offences Today

Brace yourselves, folks. Today’s a big-ass day.
Cardinal George Pell will be charged with a string of serious sex offences today, with Victoria Police expected to make an announcement on the matter within a matter of hours.
76-year-old Pell has been the subject of an on-going investigation into a string of allegations dating back to the 1970s and Pell’s time as a minister in Ballarat.
Pell currently resides in the Vatican, a city state that Australia has no extradition treaty with, meaning it’s possible Pell could escape prosecution altogether should he refuse to voluntarily return to Australia. However there is a strong belief that Pell will return to Australia to fight the charges.
Back in May it was reported that Victorian Police had the green light to charge Pell with sexual-based offences, with the Department of Public Prosecutions okaying further action against the Cardinal.
Three detectives from Vic Police’s Sano Taskforce had travelled to Rome to question Pell in relation to the allegations last year.
Today’s announcement is expected to throw the notoriously insular Catholic Church into chaos, as Pell currently holds extremely high-ranking roles within the Vatican.
Pell has repeatedly and vehemently denied all allegations levelled against him.
More on this story as it develops.

Photo: Franco Origlia/Getty.