Geordie Shore’s Vicky Says There Was Pressure On The Stars To Get Fucked Up

Geordie Shore has always been a guilty pleasure show – there’s something just so bloody good about watching people get supremely fucked up on nights out, making terrible decisions, and having sex with whoever is within their mile radius at the end of the night.

But if ex-star Vicky Pattinson‘s statements are anything to go by, all that free-wheeling fun and zesty YOLO life was actually kind of fucked up.

Vicky’s been in the jungle for I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here and spoke about her time on Geordie Shore during the Jungle Radio segment with Steve Price.

She broke down when asked about her wild behaviour, implying that a lot of it was expected of them by producers.

You are under an awful lot of pressure to act a certain way – to constantly outdo the outrageousness that’s happening around you. Say you had five Jaegerbombs and kissed someone you shouldn’t have on a Tuesday in Series 1, by Series 2 on Wednesday, you’re going to be expected to have 10 Jaegerbombs, have sex with someone and have a huge argument and trash the house. It’s an escalation.

Although she was quick to say that she doesn’t blame them.

I hated myself on Geordie Shore. I hated the person that I ended up becoming and I have no one to blame but myself, and I don’t try and put blame on anybody else.

She went on to say that her mum in particular was really upset about her on-screen sex.

“My mum never really forgave us, I don’t think… She was very disappointed, quite rightly. I have no one to blame for [having sex on screen] but myself and it’s probably one of the only regrets I’ve ever had.” she explained.

These days Vicky says her relationship with her mum has been somewhat restored.

In the last couple of years, me and my mum have managed to rectify the gulf that Geordie Shore created between our relationship. I’ve grown up, I’ve matured. I’ve essentially become someone that I don’t mind looking at in the mirror. I quite like who I am growing into, and I think my mum does too.