New Dog Training Gadget Lets You Remotely Trebuchet Bikkies At Your Best M8

If you’re the kind of pet owner that wants and needs to know what your fluffy friend is doing at every possible point of the day, and also wishes to talk to them all the time, and feed them treaties constantly, then my good mate there is the perfect bit of pet tech here for you.

It’s a camera, but also a tiny treat-tossing cannon, and ALSO your disembodied voice to further confuse your animals and probably terrify unsuspecting partners/housemates/friends.

The Furbo Dog Camera finally landed in Aus last month, and if the US promo for it is anything to go by, it’ll be the perfect bit of tech for any pet’s human who has serious separation issues.

Now, it’s not a complete babysitter for your pooch, but it’s a little window into their daily habits (read: everywhere they sleep), and having a two-way convo with your pup while you’re at your desk means they’ll probably end up associating ‘treats’ with ‘tiny moving thing on the table over there that sounds a lot like my human.’

The tech connects from your device via wifi and bluetooth, and tbh the novelty of catching your dog off-guard while it’s gnawing on something it definitely shouldn’t be chewing up will probably never wear off. Actually, the ability to train your dog while you’re not physically there is a good thing to me.


It’ll send you alerts for when your dog’s yapping at something, so you’re able to talk to them and get ’em to calm down, and has night vision abilities so you can check on them when you’re out after work, or can’t be bothered to leave your room to see what they’re fussing over.

If you’ve made it this far and you’re still thinking that yep this is 100% a thing that you need, you can grab one of these nifty little bits of tech over on the Furbo site.