Your Dog Will Soon Be Able To Send You Selfies While You’re At Work

A beautiful, pioneering sonuvabitch company in Canada has found a way to let your dog send you selfies while you’re at work, and ICYMI, the future is now, mates, it’s right fucking now.

PetBot is basically a petcam for you, and a smartphone for your dog. It lures your dog over with treats, at which point the pet detection software picks up that your pet is there, and starts recording. Then it SENDS the picture to your smartphone, while you’re at work, and you can hit a button and GIVE YOUR DOG A TREAT.

Bribing dogs with food in exchange for love. PetBot, you just *get* us. Although TBPH a name like ‘PetBot’ sounds like it should be followed by a ‘3000’ and selling this:

Here’s the low-down on the ACTUAL PetBot:

“PetBot is a treat dispenser with a built-in high-tech camera, which enables your pet to send you a “selfie”. When your pet gets in PetBot’s field of vision, PetBot will use “petificial intelligence” to start recording a video and give your pet a treat.”

PetBot is getting crowdfunded on Indiegogo, and it’s already reached $50,000 of it’s $80,000 goal.

Seriously, if you want it, get on this shit – at the time of writing a bunch of the packages are already sold out, although you can still get your mitts on the PetBot Starter Kit (US$149 + shipping).

For ~ V I S U A L I S A T I O N ~ purposes, here’s how the treat-bribing-dog-selfie-machine works:

Images: PetBot.