Some late night lols to take you into Tuesday: a man holding a totem depicting McLovin/Fogell‘s fake ID from the 2007 movie ‘Superbad‘ has come face to face with the actual McLovin, actor Chris Mintz-Plasse.

Mintz-Plasse was attending the first weekend of Electric Forest music festival in Michigan, when he came across the man holding up an image of his former self.

Electric Forest is a place known for its totems, even proscribing rules for their use: no taller than 7 feet, no wood or metal, nothing sharp, nothing threatening. 

Mintz-Plasse couldn’t help but ‘ave a laugh, jivin’ next to his fellow punter for a good 30 seconds before he pointed out that he is in fact the man on the poster. 

Festivals are loud and difficult places, so it takes quite a while for the man to grasp the reality of the situation, and when he does it’s a real privilege to watch: 


The man has taken his newfound internet notoriety pretty well actually, commenting on the hilar upload:

Froth On The Moment A Man Holding A McLovin Sign Meets The Actual McLovin

As a bonus, we’ve all learned something today: this year is the ten-year anniversary of ‘Superbad‘, and Chris Mintz-Plasse is still makin’ movies, this year featuring in James Franco‘s ode to ‘The Room‘, ‘The Disaster Artist‘. 

Source: Esquire

Photo: Columbia Pictures.