The Original ‘Bad Neighbours’ Ending Was So Obscene Test Audiences Hated It

The 2014 film ‘Bad Neighbours’ was a story about an escalating turf war between a couple in their thirties and their gnarly frat house neighbours. But allegedly, the laugh-riot starring Seth Rogen, Zac Efron and Dave Franco had a pretty wild original ending. 

As the couple become increasingly pissed off with the constant noise and abuse, their best friend Jimmy (Ike Barinholtz) helps them get revenge. 
But Jimmy also wants some of that sweet payback after the character Scoonie (played by the McLovin‘ from SuperbadChristopher Mintz-Plasse) deals him a major blow.
“In the movie he fucks my ex-wife, so we’re at war, an escalating war,” Barinholtz said in an interview with Howard Stern. He then goes on to explain how the original ending of the film concluded this feud and hoo boy, it’s a pearler. 
The scene opens with Scoonie receiving an email while he’s hanging out in his dorm room. When he opens the attached video, he sees his mum (Megan Mullally) staring back at him. 

“She’s like ‘Hi honey, hiii!’ And then I lean into frame and I’m naked, and I’m like ‘What’s up dude, I’m gonna fuck your mum right now’,” Barinholtz said.
It gets better. As Jimmy and Scoonie’s mum begin to smang, Scoonie’s dad, played by Nick Offerman (who is Mullally’s actual husband), joins the action. We have ourselves a good old fashioned three-way, folks. 
“For like two or three hours we shot this super-hardcore sex scene with me and Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman. And I mean, it was fucking crazy. I have the back of her ankles on my shoulders, he’s got this big prosthetic dick … It was fucking crazy,” said Barinholtz. 
“The whole time I’m like: This is the last thing they’re gonna see in the movie. This is so cool and punk rock!”

But the ending was a dud. According to the test audiences, it just didn’t work. 
“They shoot the movie, they test the movie, and then the director Nick Stoller calls me and says: ‘Hey I just wanted to let you know that the ending with the three-way tested lower than anything I’ve ever been involved in. We’re cutting it from the film and it’ll never be seen’.” 
“The audience hated it; they uniformly thought it was awful and gross.”


Photo: Bad Neighbours.