A French Dude Has Been Deported For Throwing An Illegal New Year’s Eve Bush Doof In Gympie

A French dude has been deported from Australia after he was busted organising a bush doof up near Gympie, Queensland, over the New Year’s break.

The event took place between December 30 and January 2, and it’s believed over 1,000 rocked up to party. It goes without saying such an event is both extremely COVID-unsafe and, of course, illegal.

The law states that if someone on a visa is considered to pose a threat to either the health, safety or “good order” of the community, then their visas can be cancelled and they can be kicked out of the country by the Australian Border Force (ABF).

“The ABF will not tolerate non-citizens who choose to engage in criminal activity or behaviour of concern, particularly with respect to COVID-19 restrictions which can have a devastating flow on effect for our community,” Acting Commander Steven Darby said in a statement.

“We hope this sends a strong message to others who think they can arrange or participate in reckless activities of this kind.”

He was finally taken to the airport on January 19, almost three weeks after the gathering, and after Brisbane went back into lockdown for a hot sec.

A screenshot from a video allegedly taken at the event.

One resident tole The Courier-Mail there was “literal human faeces along the roadside where they were parked.” Charming.

“Our encounter was them stopping to relieve themselves at our gateway and each vehicle had three to four people in them, and there were lots of cars,” another resident said.

In rural Queensland, outdoor gatherings are capped at 100 people and mass events like bush doofs are strictly prohibited.

This guy is one of eight people who’ve had their visas cancelled due to ignoring either quarantine, self-isolation and social distancing restrictions. Meanwhile, another 15 people have received notices of intention to have their visas cancelled.

Now we can see that the authorities are taking a stand not only against huge, COVID-unsafe gatherings, but also against hippies.