NSW Police have handed out $4,000 in fines to four party organisers after 150 people were found at an abandoned military bunker in Sydney’s Malabar Headland National Park.

Just after midnight on Saturday, police responded to reports of a loud party raging somewhere on the headland. When they got there, they found “at least” 150 people who scattered into the night.

“Not only are events like this illegal, this particular party was extremely dangerous for partygoers and emergency service personnel due to the location and terrain,” Detective Superintendent Rohan Cramsie said in a statement on Sunday morning.

For those unfamiliar, the headland is huge, windy and, aside from a shooting range, pretty well-forested.

A 2007 photo from inside the bunker. It’d be a great spot if there was no pandemic going on. (Adam.J.W.C. / CC-BY-SA)

It would’ve taken quite a bit of effort to wake up locals to the point of calling the cops. In other words: the party must’ve been a rager.

Also, ngl, that bunker looks sick.

That said, now is absolutely not the time to be breaking the law to host what are potentially superspreader events.

NSW has had it pretty good in terms of community transmission over the past few months, and particularly in the past two weeks with no new cases.

But as we saw just last week in South Australia, it can take just one event to to potentially undo all that progress.

The area’s clearly seen a fair few ragers in its time, evident in this pic from 2007. (Adam.J.W.C. / CC-BY-SA)

For potentially putting people’s health at risk, the organisers – aged between 25 and 34 – are each out of pocket $1,000. Yeah, nobody likes a dobber, but nobody likes a second wave, either.

Under current restrictions, no more than 30 people can gather in a public place in NSW. That’s at least five times less than the amount of people at this particular party.

“With summer and the Christmas season approaching, we urge the community to listen to the advice of our health professionals to keep our family and friends safe and well,” Cramsie added.

You hear that? No ragers this summer, please. Otherwise Christmas will be ruined.

Image: Adam.J.W.C. / CC-BY-SA