Thanks to self-isolation and the fact that we’re all unemployed or working from home, every day is officially casual Friday.

I’ve never worked a proper corporate job with an actual dress code, but they usually require you to wear business attire, meaning you can only wear jeans/casual clothes on a Friday. But the tables have turned now, thanks to self-isolation, with many office workers opting for “Formal Fridays” in a desperate effort to wear something other than their pyjamas to work.

Here at Pedestrian.TV, we opted for Tiger King Friday (in which everyone wears their best cowboy hats, mullets and tiger costumes), but many more traditional workplaces have now implemented Formal Fridays.

The hashtag #FormalFridays has been doing the rounds on social media, with thousands of workers opting for their Sunday best while working from home on this glorious Friday.

The trend appears to have been started by NZ TV host Hilary Barry, who took to Instagram to show off her own high school formal outfit in solidarity of those Year 12 students who won’t be having their own formals this year.

Naturally, the internet went wild over the concept, with hundreds of people sharing their own formal Friday attire.

Many of which only got half the memo, opting for business on the top and party on the bottom.

While others took it to a whole new extreme, like this woman.

Heck, even Jimmy Kimmel got in on the action on his Jimmy Kimmel Live show.

Who knows how long we’re going to be cooped up in isolation for, so why not spice up your week with a formal Friday? Whether you’re working from home, or not working at all, now is the perfect time to dress the fuck up for absolutely no reason.