An Aussie Flight Attendant Has Revealed Her Salary And You’ll Never See Me On The Ground Again

An Aussie flight attendant for Emirates has spilt on how much she earns a year and suddenly I love flying. I’m not scared of flying at all. In fact, I reckon I could attend to flights… you could call me a flight attendant, if you will.

33-year-old Alexandra Cosoff from the Sunshine Coast had an interview with where she revealed how lucrative it is to be a flight attendant, plus all of the perks she receives on top of her salary.

While she didn’t give the exact number, she hinted that it was way higher than the basic Emirates salary for newbies, which is $60k a year. After all, when you climb the ranks, you get more dosh, and Cosoff has been with the company for ten years.

Per, this $60k is made up of a basic starter salary of $1800 a month plus $26 an hour for what ends up being 80-100 fly hours. This ends up being around $5000 a month, but these rates increase the longer you’re around.

My maths brain can’t figure out how much she earns but I just know it’s a lot.

“Our accommodation is provided and salary is tax-free — and not just that, we have a lot of other things taken care of like transport, laundry, we have full medical and dental coverage,” she said.

“We are very well looked after.”

Cosoff currently works as an Emirates Cabin Crew Adviser after moving from Economy Class to Business Class to First Class.

“After I joined, I started in economy class for one and half years, before I got promoted to business class and the business promotions events team,” she said.

According to Cosoff, one of the perks of being a flight attendant is the fact she saves on rent and bills. Even if her salary was around $80k a lot of that money would be saved instead of spent, plus she pays no tax on earnings. Lucky duck.

“What was very attractive to me was also not paying tax on top of my salary,” she said.

“I live in my own apartment. You can either get company-provided accommodation or opt for an accommodation allowance.

“I have learned so much about the world, other cultures and also myself — and best of all you make amazing friends along the way.

“If it’s something you’re thinking about doing, 100 per cent apply and give it a try. For me, it’s been such an amazing opportunity and experience.”

You know what babes, I think I will. Emirates, I’m coming for you.