May This Glorious Footage Of Flamingos Getting An Aquarium Tour Soothe Your Worrisome Heart

A pat of flamingos have been given a wholesome tour around their aquarium amid the facility’s closure. The subsequent footage is 30 seconds of pure joy that you most certainly need in your life as you remain cooped up in self-isolation.

In light of Texas State Aquarium closing access to the public, workers have been letting animals have some free reign for the time being. “With the Aquarium mostly empty,” the aquarium stated, “our flamingos were able to explore some other areas, including the underwater exhibits of Caribbean Journey!”

Please enjoy the following video of some flamingo mates running amok in pure, inquisitive bliss.

I’m not crying, you are. YOU ARE.

The flamingos’ journey follows the recent viral footage of penguins going on their own “field trip to meet other animals” at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium. Wellington the penguin, as observed below, seemed to be equally as infatuated with the fish as the flamingos were.

It’s great to see some of the animals given the ability to roam around and explore to their hearts’ content.

In fact, it seems like zoos and aquariums around the globe are all doing their best to keep morale high amid the growing pandemic – for example, this zookeeper’s incredible dance moves, on display via the Melbourne Zoo livestream, recently did the round on social media over other weekend. Shantay, you stay, sir.