FINALLY: 15 “Veteran Criminals” Arrested Over Kim K’s Gunpoint Robbery

At least 15 people have been arrested over the gunpoint robbery of Kim Kardashian in Paris last October. 
French police arrested the gang of “career criminals” thanks to DNA that one of the alleged perps left at the crime scene, the hyper-exclusive Hôtel de Pourtalès.
After two weeks of surveillance, cops made the bust this morning, Paris time. The judge investigating the case may fly to New York in the next few days to speak with Kim personally. 
The arrests come after a new teaser for Keeping Up With The Kardashians was released, depicting Kim tearfully describing her traumatic experience
French authorities are rumoured to suspect that the robbery, in which armed and masked men tied Kim up and held her at gunpoint in her Paris hotel room while robbing her of $14 million worth of jewellery, could have been an inside job. 
They’re investigating concerns that an employee at the hotel or someone in Kim’s team may have passed on information about her whereabouts to the criminal gang. 
We’ll update this story as it develops.
Source: The Mirror.
Photo: Antoine Gyori / Getty.