Final ABS Update Shows Whopping Number Of You Legends Voted In SSM Survey

The Australian Bureau of Statistics have released their final update of the same-sex marriage postal survey ahead of the result being announced next Wednesday, with the latest tally standing at a truly epic 12.6 million returned votes.

‘Tis a bit of big deal tbh, as it accounts for 78.5 percent of eligible votes, which for a non-compulsory survey conducted by the fucking mail of all things, is quite simply a huge number.

For comparison’s sake it shits all over the recent Brexit, Trump and Irish referendum turnouts (which saw 62% for a similar same-sex marriage question) by, like, heaps.

Also out today is the latest Essential poll by the Guardian, which has the Yes vote bumped up by 4% in the last fortnight to 64% against the No’s 31% (5% chose not to answer).

Despite a shoddily put together social media study putting the result closer to No, there’d truly have to be some catastrophic polling errors for the Yes vote not to come through next week at this point. So, fucken GOOD WORK AUSTRALIA I LOVE YOU V MUCH WITH ALL OF MY BIG GAY HEART.

The poll officially closes as of 4.30pm today, with the announcement coming through 10am next Wednesday November 15th.

Thank fuck it’s FINALLY all over mates.