Family Are Concerned After Missing Man’s BMW Is Found 250km From Home In The Snow

The family of missing man Conrad Whitlock are worried for his safety after his BMW was found abandoned near the popular Mt Buller ski resort yesterday.

The 72-year-old car racing enthusiast’s vehicle was found more than 250km away from his Sandhurst residence, which immediately raised concerns for his safety.

His car was found abandoned with his keys, jacket and phone inside with no indication of potential mechanical issues.

“There is nothing to indicate why the vehicle would have stopped. The keys were in it and it had fuel and it started with no issues,” Victoria Police Inspector David Ryan told press.

His family believe that it is incredibly out of character for Conrad to have ventured a whopping 250km from home without telling anyone. They also noted that would be unusual for Conrad to be at the ski fields, especially alone.

“We’ve been married for 52-years and I can’t comprehend that he would do anything so out of character,” his wife Mandy said.

According to the police report, Conrad was last seen on Monday night when he and his wife were going to bed. It is believed that his car entered the area at around 6am yesterday, which would’ve required him to have left the house before 3am.

His wife told press that Conrad recently saw a doctor about ongoing headaches, and was advised to get an MRI, which raises concerns that the elderly man may have suffered a stroke or may have some sort of amnesia.

“All I can think is there is something wrong with the headaches – I don’t know if he has had a mini-stroke and is wandering around with amnesia, I don’t know – Just not knowing is the worst part,” she said.

The Mt Buller area has reached sub-zero temperatures over the last few nights, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

Conrad is approximately 170cm tall with a slim build and grey hair. It is believed that he may be suffering from amnesia and may require medical assistance.

Police are searching the local area, and are asking anyone with information about Mr Whitlock’s disappearance to contact Benalla Police Station on 5760 0200.