James Franco has been the subject of intense scrutiny over the last couple of days, thanks to new allegations of sexual misconduct from several female actors.

You may remember as well that he allegedly knowingly pursued sex with a 17-year-old girl via Instagram back in 2014, which he defended himself for, saying:

Look, my fan base is like 17-year-old girls. If I do a book signing, it’ll be 17-year-old to 30-year-old women. That’s my biggest fan base.

I was a gentleman. I said, ‘Do you have a boyfriend?’ And her response was, ‘Not when you’re around.’ So that, to me, sounds like, okay, she’s interested.

Now, excerpts from his 2013 fiction book, Actors Anonymous, have been circulating on Twitter after Entertainment Weekly writer Mary Sollosi posted them:

Although the book is purportedly fiction, some people think that this particular passage hews pretty close to the truth. It reads:

One of my favourite approaches was to ask young girls that requested to take a photo with me to email me a copy of the photo; that way I can give them my info very quickly in front of a crowd of fans and later work out a way to see them. Usually this happens at an event, which means I am usually away from home, so I have girls all over the world. Usually they are ready when I go back to that city, whether it is Rome, Portland, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit, Asheville, or D.C.

He – or his character – then describes how an “okay-looking” girl approached him in Toronto and asked him for a picture, which he then got her to email, just as he described. He goes on to describe how they eventually hook up:

In the intervening months she had sent me plenty of photos of her body and especially her ass bent over in a G-string, so when she arrived at my Lower East Side apartment, I was ready and she was ready. Not only did she allow me to do everything I wanted to her, she let me film it on my phone.

Franco’s being taken to task not just for the content, which is skeezy as hell, but for the fact that it’s… just not good literature.

Franco has denied the allegations against him.

Source: Indiewire
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