Even Tony Abbott’s Own Daughter Is Now Publicly Backing The SSM ‘Yes’ Vote

Despite being one of the most vocal anti-same-sex marriage campaigners in the country, Tony Abbott’s closest family and friends continue to stand apart from his blatant idiocy by publicly committing their own votes to the ‘Yes’ side on the postal survey, with his own daughter Frances the latest to join the right side of history.

The former Prime Minister is already notably at odds on his opposition to marriage equality with his same-sex partnered sister Christine as well as a solid majority of his own electorate, and now he’s received the proverbial middle finger from his middle-child, via a loud and proud Insty post.

Sporting a simple “vote yes” t-shirt and accompanied by a shit tonne of pro-equality hashtags, Frances posted to her fitness themed IG account earlier today along with the statement:

I don’t really care much for politics. But I do really care a lot for love. All love is good. Let’s celebrate it. #voteyes

Bloody spot on Frances. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: that’s exactly what this whole (bullshit) process is about. Love between two consenting adults. Not politics, not ideologies, not radical societal change. Love. Plain and simple.

Pedestrian.TV has reached out to Tony Abbott’s dog Maisie to see if any other family members will oppose Tone’s viewpoint and will update this article when we receive a comment.