Govt That Spent $50M On Capn Cook Anniversary Events Just Committed $58M To Endo Treatment


Scott Morrison has pledged $58 million for specialist endometriosis treatment centres in every state and territory in the next federal budget. We love to see more funding and awareness on the chronic disease, but the timing, media push by Morrison’s wife Jenny and teeny tiny sum of money are, let’s just say, questionable. 

If the Coalition wins the next election it has promised to establish clinics for diagnosis, research and management of the disease which affects one in nine women. It will also expand free genetic testing for prospective parents under Medicare. 

Endometriosis causes tissue similar to the uterus lining to grow where it shouldn’t, usually on the exterior of the organ, which can sometimes lead to severe pain, infertility and require multiple surgeries. It is incurable and fucking horrible. 

More than 11 per cent of Australia women have it, but it takes an average of 6.5 years to be diagnosed with disease because doctors so often don’t believe women’s pain is real. 

Jenny Morrison has been doing the media rounds to speak about her experience with endometriosis and endometriosis treatment to help out hubby. 

Jenny was diagnosed with endo at age 26 and underwent IVF to have her two daughters. She has spoken publicly about it a fair bit over the years so it’s pretty suspicious that announcement was made in the lead up to the federal election in May.

Despite the obvious campaign tactic of wheeling Jenny out to help him look relatable, once again it seems Scott only cares about things that affect him or his loved ones. 

This is the man who received empathy training and could only feel for Brittany Higgins when Jenny told him to imagine she was his daughter. Now, he appears to only be funding endo treatment options because of the personal toll it has taken. 

“I have seen first-hand with Jen just how debilitating endometriosis can be for women — the mental and physical toll it takes — and it’s so important we continue to fund new services and treatments for the hundreds of thousands of women who suffer from endometriosis,” he said on Friday.

Mmkay, so you’ve known for 30 years the suffering endo causes and you’ve had four years as PM to put money towards it. Why now I wonder?????

Furthermore $58 million is an absolute pittance.

The Federal Budget will be revealed on March 29 and will set out how we’ll be spending about $500 billion.

The big ticket items for the PM last year were things like fossil fuel subsidies ($10.3 billion), tanks ($3.5 billion) and detaining asylum seekers ($1.2 billion). 

The very same government also put $50 million towards events and exhibitions to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the first voyage of james cook (he does not deserve capital letters) in 2018.

If the PM really cared about helping women who suffer chronic pain he would’ve put a little more oomph into this package.