The management behind Dreamworld have hired a senior Queensland police officer to provide specialist advice as they try and rebuild the park’s brand and reputation following this week’s tragedy. 

Inspector Mike McKay has been with QPS for 41 years – he has worked in criminal investigation and counter-terrorism and will now work with Dreamworld CEO Craig Davidson, at the personal recommendation of the state’s Police Commissioner

Ardent Leisure head Deborah Thomas said of the theme park’s next move: 

“I have asked the Dreamworld CEO, Craig Davidson, to develop a structured program of community healing

to work with the families, authorities, the government, non-government organisations and the public to

rebuild trust and confidence in Dreamworld. Then and only then can we think about reopening our Park.”

On McKay’s previous track record, she added:

“Mike is one of Queensland’s foremost community recovery experts. Mike worked closely with the Lockyer Valley community on its healing process following the devastating

2011 floods. He was an integral part of the team that led the rebuilding of the town of Grantham on higher ground

following the floods. He was also involved with the Cyclone Larry community recovery in North Queensland, where he was a

close adviser to Sir Peter Cosgrove, Governor-General of Australia. Dreamworld has suffered an absolute tragedy. It has devastated families and our surrounding community.

We need to rebuild. The rebuilding will start with people.”

Dreamworld remains a crime scene, as police investigate the site of last Tuesday’s fatal accident, and the park will remain closed at least until the funerals of the four people who died. 

Queensland has launched a state-wide safety blitz of its theme parks, with Employment and Industrial Relations Minister Grace Grace saying the move is necessary to restore public confidence before the Christmas holidays. 

Source: Dreamworld.

Photo: Glenn Hunt / Getty.