Tea Queen Em Rusciano Accused The Project Of Allegedly Throwing Reuben Kaye Under The Bus

the project reuben kaye em rusciano

Queen of spilling tea Em Rusciano has called out The Project, alleging it threw comedian Reuben Kaye under the bus by pretending the hosts weren’t aware the joke was coming their way. Now that’s HOT Tetleys if true.

“I find it pretty hard to believe that Reuben Kaye’s joke that stopped a nation wasn’t script approved,” Em Rusciano wrote on Twitter.

“I’ve worked on The Project — VERY little is off the cuff! A tiny, tiny, amount.

“They’ve flat-out thrown him under the bus IMO. Sorry, but someone had to say it.”

God the Bushells is simply divine this morning, isn’t it?

Alongside this, an anonymous insider claiming to be from The Project itself has told The Daily Mail that the joke making it to television was a sign of the show’s “slipping professionalism.”

According to the anon tea-spiller, the show used to pre-record “90 per cent” of all interviews, and if guests couldn’t record they were “meticulously briefed” on what they could and could not say.

“In the few cases [before] an interview like that would be done live, the hosts would normally be well primed beforehand,” the source told The Daily Mail.

“If the interview was done live because that was the only time [Reuben Kaye] was available, why weren’t Sarah Harris and Waleed Aly more prepared?”

“It’s yet another sign of the slipping professionalism on the show, the declining standards of [Channel] 10, sloppiness and, frankly, their general slack approach.”

Drag them to hell, I guess.

In case you missed it, The Project hosts Sarah Harris and Waleed Aly issued a huge apology on Wednesday night after Tuesday’s special guest Kaye made an X-rated Jesus joke (which was funny as hell).

Kaye joked about Catholic people using Jesus as a tool to tear him down in his DMs, saying that he finds that odd because he loves Jesus for his ability to be nailed three times and still come back for more.

“During a live interview last night, our guest told a joke which we know was deeply offensive to many of you, in particular people of faith,” said Waleed Aly on Wednesday’s episode.

“We want to acknowledge the particular offence and hurt that that caused our Muslim, but especially our Christian viewers. Obviously, I understand just how profound that offence was.”