Elon Musk Is Now The Richest Person In The World And Jeff Bezos Is Probs Crying In His Limo

And just like that, Elon Musk has taken Jeff Bezos‘ top spot as the wealthiest person in the entire world. Be warned, the amount of money that we speak about in this article is enough to make literally anyone cry. Musk, if you’re reading this, spare some change for ya boy.

Money. Finance. Stocks, shares and personal loans. I’ve got not a single clue what any of those things are, but they sure sound made up to me. I jest of course, but extreme wealth is still a concept that baffles the hell out of me.

Thanks to a massive Thursday spike in Tesla shares, Musk, 49, is now worth an absolutely insane US$1.5 billion (A$1.9 billion) more than Jeff Bezos, according to Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index.

In case you aren’t aware, Grimes‘ baby daddy is the incredibly successful co-creator of PayPal, who sold it off a while ago and now owns Tesla, SpaceX and Neuralink. Bezos on the other hand is the wealthy overlord who owns Amazon. Money talks bb!

So yeah that means that Elon Musk is now the richest person in the world. How much is he worth exactly? Well, a wild US$188.5 billion (A$242.3 billion). That’s approximately $242.3 billion more dollars than I’ll probably make in my entire life. I love it!

Trailing the dubious duo on the Bloomberg list is Bill Gates, who is now worth US$134 billion ($243.6 billion).

Some Aussie names also make an appearance on the big dollar billionaires list, like Gina Rinehart at the 46th spot, who is now worth $37.4 billion, and Andrew Forrest at $30.9 billion coming in at 63rd.

Unlike some billionaires out there, Musk is planning on doing some good with his money. What good exactly, who knows, but he’s open to learning and ensuring his wealth goes in part to charities.

Forbes had a few things to say about the Bloomberg Billionaires Index however, labelling Jeff Bezos the world’s wealthiest man despite the latest changes. Basically, they look at things with a more specific lens, and because Musk only owns 21% of Tesla’s shares, they refuse to put him just that extra bit above Bezos. Now that’s specifics.

Well Musk, with your new wealth, maybe get something real nice for baby X. It’s his birthday coming up real soon after all, and with the entire world turning him into a meme for a year because of his name, I think he deserves an amazing gift.