EgyptAir Admits They Got It Totally Wrong & The Plane’s Still Missing

We mentioned in our earlier coverage that EgyptAir and Egyptian aviation authorities suggested that the wreckage of missing plane MS804had been foundafter its disappearance over the Mediterranean Sea, but that Greece was skeptical and thought they had jumped the gun. Well, the Greek authorities were right – the plane’s still missing.

They “stand corrected” on this one. The wreckage in question appears to have been some lifejackets, but without distinctive markings or designs which would indicate that it came from an EgyptAir flight.
In other news, U.S. officials have reported that a review of imagery from the EgyptAir flight does not indicate any kind of explosion, contrary to some speculation that the erratic movements and sudden disappearance of the plane suggested a detonation of some description.

Looks like the thirst for information on this one means many authorities are jumping the gun. More news as it develops.
Source: EgyptAir / CNN.
Photo: EgyptAir.