Julie Bishop Confirms Aussie Dual National Was On Missing Plane

As Egyptian and European authorities search for any evidence of missing flight MS804, which disappeared during a flight from Paris to Cairo, Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has confirmed that an Australian-UK dual citizen was on the plane. 

“We are working closely with UK authorities, which are taking the lead in the provision of consular assistance to the man’s family,” she said in a statement.
“Out of respect for the man’s family, the government will not provide more details at this stage.”

This comes after a bungle this morning in which Egyptian aviation authorities and EgyptAir confirmed that a Greek search party had located the wreckage of the plane, before later admitting that they had jumped the gun. The wreckage that was supposedly located was not connected with MS804.
“What was found was a piece of wood, and some materials that do not come from a plane,” said the head of Greece’s Air Accident Investigation and Aviation Safety Board Athanassios Binis.

The majority of passengers on MS804 were Egyptian.
Source: News.com.au.
Photo: Getty Images.