A Wee Echidna Broke Into A NSW Grog Shop, Smashed A Few Bottles & Snoozed Under The Shelves

echidna bottle shop grog break in NSW

A bottle shop in northern New South Wales was hit by a prickly perp recently, when the shop’s staff found out that a wee ratbag echidna had broken in overnight and gone on a bit of a rampage.

Per the ABC, the BWS in Kyogle was strewn with broken bottles last Friday morning, and after checking out the CCTV footage, it was quickly discovered that a thirsty and curious local had found their way in overnight.

After nosing around and busting open a couple of bottle of vodka, Baileys, and bubbly, the wandering echidna managed to shift the shelving where the goon is stored, before nestling in and sleeping off the big boozy adventure.

As soon as workers realised the little grog hog had caused the chaos, Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service (WIRES) were called to remove and release it back into the wild. Worker Brian Watson-Bell told the ABC he wouldn’t have imagined the wee intruder was fit to drive and would have been stumbling a bit after all the piss it had smashed through in its visit.

echidna bottle shop grog
[Image: ABC / Brian Watson-Bell]
CCTV footage obtained by local NBN News shows the lil’ terror waddling along the aisles of the bottle-o, stopping so often to check out what’s stocked in the cool room fridges. I’m not sure if he was scoping out whether a six pack of black rats were on special or what, but you have to respect a smart shopper.

When the echidna was released back into the wild (a good distance away from the shop so it didn’t try and go back for more), WIRES noted that it wandered off in a straight line, so it clearly hadn’t had necked too many beveraginos.

As far as we know the little sipper hasn’t tried to come back into the store again, but surely next time its ID will be checked to make sure it’s allowed to be necking Irish cream in the middle of the night.

Is there truly anything better than a ratbag echidna going full rampage in a grog shop? No. No there is not.