This Woman Innocently Cross Stitching “Eat A Bag Of Dicks” On Her Flight Is My Forever Mood

eat a bag of dicks cross-stitch

Flying is a great form of transportation, but my god it is boring. Understandably, most of us pack a hobby in our carry-on to cure that in-flight case of the “I’m so bored I could cry”.

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For some of us it’s a book, others might watch a movie, but for this woman, it’s cross stitching an “Eat A Bag Of Dicks” wall hanging.

The woman, who has now gone viral, was minding her own business doing her damn needlework when a fellow passenger snapped the pic of her and posted it to Facebook.

“I love how this lady is passing the time,” the caption read.

The photo has amassed a whopping 51,000 likes, 32,000 shares and 19,000 comments in the “Shut The Front Door” Facebook page since being posted on September 17.

I don’t know about you, but I really hate flying and believe that the concept of air travel should definitely eat a bag of dicks. So, with that being said, this woman is now my spirit animal.

If you think I’m going to go home and cross-stitch my own “Eat A Bag Of Dicks” wall hanging to put up in the office, you’d be absolutely right.

One commenter asked the question we’re all thinking: “By what magic did she get a needle onto the plane?”

I have personally been stopped in international customs for an undisclosed can of diet coke, so who knows how she managed to get a needle on board, but good on her. We stan a crafty queen.

I feel like cross-stitching on a plane is also in the same category as knitting in a car. You probably shouldn’t do any craft that could potentially leave you impaled by a sharp object while on any sort of potentially bumpy transportation.

I have so many questions. Firstly, who is getting a mildly offensive needlework for Christmas? What did they do? What constitutes a handmade gift, but doesn’t quite deserve a nice message? So. Many. Questions.

Regardless, this woman is absolutely my 24/7 mood and I’m currently searching Etsy for my own “Eat A Bag Of Dicks” cross-stitch.

Planes are gross and terrifying. If you’re not surrounded by assholes on your flight, you probably ARE the asshole on your flight. So, if a bit of needlework profanity is what’s keeping this woman from snoring too loudly, reclining her seat into your legs or putting her grotty feet in the seat pocket, so be it. Let this woman live her crafty dreams.

I’m not sure where she was going, or where she’s from. But Cross-stitch Lady, please take me with you.