Flight Diverted After Pilot Does A Big Oopsie Doopsie & Spills Coffee In Cockpit

A Condor flight travelling from Frankfurt to Cancún had to make an emergency landing in Ireland after the pilot accidentally spilt his coffee.

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The unfortunate situation happened back in February, when the coffee was placed on a tray table instead of the cupholder and it spilt over an audio control panel, resulting in smoke emanating from the cockpit. The plane was above the Atlantic Ocean at the time.

“Flight DE2116 from Frankfurt to Cancún on 6 February 2019 diverted to Shannon airport as a precautionary measure due to a minor amount of smoke in the cockpit after a liquid spillage,” a Condor spokesperson released in a statement to CNN.

“After the aircraft was fully inspected and repaired by our team of engineers, the flight continued via Manchester due to the legal operating hours of the crew. We have comprehensively investigated this incident and reviewed the procedures of liquids in the cockpit.”

“Our crews were reminded of careful handling as well as to use appropriate containers for their water or coffee. We apologise for any inconveniences the diversion might have caused to our guests.”

The plane was landed safely. None of the 326 passengers and 11 crew members onboard were injured.

Source: CNN