Drew Barrymore Has Posted A Shitty Apology After Choosing To Cross The Picket Line W/ Her Show

Days after receiving an immense amount of backlash for crossing the picket line of the Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike, Drew Barrymore released an apology for choosing to continue her talk show. She has since deleted the post after receiving more criticism for doubling down on her decision.

ICYMI: Writers and actors have gone on strike to fight for work conditions and pay — as they fucking should.

Earlier this week, the Charlie’s Angels actress came under fire after she announced that she would be continuing The Drew Barrymore Show without unionised writers.

Her decision to break WGA strike rules caused a shit ton of criticism and also led the National Book Awards to drop her as a host. Womp fucking womp.

In response to the criticism, Barrymore posted an apology video to her official Instagram, where she attempted to acknowledge her decision and explain why she chose to continue her talk show.

“I believe there’s nothing I can do or say in this moment that will make it okay,” Barrymore began.

“I wanted to own a decision so it wasn’t a PR-protected situation, and I would just take full responsibility for my actions.

“There are so many reasons why this is so complex and I just want everyone to know my intentions have never been in a place to upset or hurt anyone, that’s not who I am. I’ve been through so many ups and downs in my life and this is one of them.

“I deeply apologise to writers, I deeply apologise to unions.”

After apologising directly to the writers and unions, Barrymore went on to answer the “huge question of the why” she chose to cross the picket line.

(Image source: Instagram / @drewbarrymore)

“I certainly couldn’t of expected this kind of attention,” she continued.

“We aren’t gonna break rules and we will be in compliance. I wanted to do this because, as I said, this is bigger than me and there are other people’s jobs on the line.

“And since launching live in the pandemic, I just wanted to make a show that was there for people in sensitive times. And I weighed the scales and I thought, ‘If we could go on during a global pandemic and everything that the world has experienced through 2020, why would this sideline us?’”

Umm, “expect this kind of attention”??? Drew, babes, you’re literally one of the biggest celebrities out there!!! You’ve literally been in the game since you were a kiddo. Of course, people would call you out for your scab-like behaviour.

Since the video was posted, many people took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to call out her non-apology.

A couple of hours after she posted the video, Barrymore completely deleted her apology, prompting more criticism.

(Image source: Instagram / @drewbarrymore)
(Image source: Instagram / @drewbarrymore)
(Image source: Instagram / @drewbarrymore)

As a ‘yuge long-time fan of Barrymore — I think the first movie I ever saw starring her was The Wedding Singer — it’s such a fucking shame to see her double down on this hurtful decision.

Like, Dylan Sanders would not approve of this scab behaviour.

It’s only a matter of time until we get a notes app — PR approved — apology to replace that disastrous video.