In Huge WTF Energy, Someone Posing As Selma Blair Sent ‘Poison Pen’ Letters To Drew Barrymore

It seems someone posing as Selma Blair sent a load of fucked “poison pen” letters to Drew Barrymore. Definitely NOT ideal for crafting good working relationships.

Blair — who you’ll recognise from Legally BlondeCruel Intentions and, roguely, the US Kath & Kim remake — appeared in a “Barrymore’s Backstage” segment on The Drew Barrymore Show.

She was promo-ing her new memoir Mean Baby, which discusses her relationship with her late father.

In the interview, she talked about getting an audition for a film and telling her dad about it. Then she heard back from the filmmakers saying they’d received FedEx letters claiming she was a heroin addict.

“It was a real kind of ‘poison pen’ letter about me claiming to be an agent,” she said.

According to Blair, the production would get multiple letters in one day and ultimately fired her before shooting the film even though they didn’t believe the letters’ claims.

“[They] were lovely to me but explained, ‘We just don’t know what’s going on, the liability,” she said.

Then she later heard from a detective, who apparently said: “We know this is not you”.

“Someone has been writing letters to Drew Barrymore — many poison pen letters — signed by Selma Blair.”

Blair claimed she found out the person sending the letters was someone “involved” with her dad.

“He was letting this information get to her,” she said.

“When he found out it was her, he chose her and didn’t believe me,” she said.

Her dad then later admitted some responsibility for the sitch but they never “had a real make up”.

I am absolutely well and truly gobsmacked.

For her part, Drew Barrymore said the letters never got to her and that reading about them in Blair’s book actually made her want to invite her on the show.

“I found out about the letters, then I received your book and then I was like, ‘Fuck this, I’m going after her. I have to talk to her, I wanna heal this moment’,” Barrymore said.

“It wasn’t real for me on my side nor would I ever doubt you, and actually have been a total fan of you on the side.”

According to Blair, Barrymore was her “childhood favourite”.

“Well that’s why the letters went to you I assume, because he knew what you meant to me,” she said.

Barrymore was, as you may expect, completely shook by this, explaining she thought it was “totally random”.

It’s great Blair and Drew Barrymore were able to clear the air but far out, that’s some Pretty Little Liars shit.