Don’t Freak Out, But You Could Own VB’s Custom Quentin ‘Tarantinny’

It’s an especially excellent time to be a Quentin Tarantino fan in Australia right now. Not only has The Hateful 8 dropped, QT has dragged his pals Samuel L. Jackson and Kurt Russell to our shores to flash their brilliant faces to loving cinema audiences. He even had the good will to confirm an absolutely monumental fan-theory that ties his cinematic world together.

Still, the greatest gift his presence could impart is this: The Tarantinny.

For reasons unknown (but 110% appreciated), Victoria Bitter saw it fit to insert some customised cold ones into his immediate vicinity. A delightfully buzzed Tarantino, as displayed above, is evidence of a gift well-given. Still, one can remains. And it could be yours.
Early contenders in the ‘Strayan-movie-title stakes include The Mateful V8The Can Who Knew Too Much, and Gulp Fiction. Have at it, err’body. 

Photo: Imgur / Unknown / Facebook.