May This @DogsWorkingFromHome IG Account Bring You Joy During Coronavirus Self-Isolation

There’s a lot going on in the world right now, which is why we need to grab every sliver of joy with both hands and never let go. Today’s saving grace comes in the form of an Instagram account – this Dogs Working From Home Instagram account, to be precise – that depicts precious doggos keeping their owners company as they head into self-isolation amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“They’re the unsung heroes of our webcam meetings,” the Instagram bio reads, “the pawfect 3pm procrastination cure and also thinking “y tf u home human?””

Mark Polchleb, the page’s creator, spoke with the Guardian about the page’s genesis. “I just took advantage of the fact that my dogs are at my feet. I thought ‘we all need a bit of happiness in our lives right now’.” Polchleb and his husband also have an Instagram for their dachshunds Billie and Ollie.

If you have a dog, you’ll scroll through @dogsworkingfromhome thinking, ‘fuck me, this is so accurate’. If you don’t have a dog, you’ll be crying in self-isolation because you desperately want one. Either way, you’ll be feeling emotions, and it’s important to feel emotions, especially as you stare at out that same window for the 8th day in a row.

Let’s check out some of the highlights, shall we?

If you’re working from home and have a cute pesky pooch who constantly demands loving, take a pic and send ’em a DM.

I’m now officially one of those people crying because I don’t have a pooch in my quarantined presence. Alas, I will continue to live vicariously through these pawfect snaps.

Oh, and you’re welcome.